In our world, there are some individuals whose very existence ensures their notoriety; they don’t need a position or a status. Not everyone needs to gain popularity as soon as they hold a prominent position. Perhaps this explains why, despite of multiple setbacks, he succeeds and becomes well-known. Another illustration is Puneet Superstar. He faced many obstacles in his life, and as a result, he is now so skilled that people from all across the country are curious to find out more about him.

Puneet Superstar has been in the spotlight ever since he entered Bigg Boss, but his notoriety surged when he was evicted from the contest in just 24 hours. Puneet Superstar was being quite clear with Big Boss show that he would remain the same whether Big Boss wanted him to be in show or not. 

Due to the popularity of his direct style, his Instagram account grew from having three lakh followers to more than one million followers in three days.

Had to stop studying because of a lack of funds.

Puneet Superstar attended DAV Public School at Rajendra Nagar, Delhi, even though he was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan. His family did not even have enough money to cover his school fees when he was in class twelve. As a result, he was frequently asked about non-payment of fees, which he hated because it made him feel so ashamed in front of the other students. 

He had to discontinue his studies after being ejected from the school one day for failing to pay the required fees. In one of his interviews, he also mentioned that “I wanted to study a lot but was unable to finish college for financial reasons”.

(Puneet Superstar Career) Previously performed private jobs

In 2015, Puneet superstar who is so well-known today worked as a marketer for a private company. He was compelled to put up with his boss’s daily haggling despite earning a pitiful salary at the time, which gave him cause for annoyance. 

In an interview, Puneet Superstar revealed that his supervisor regularly insulted him for trivial reasons.

Puneet Superstar claims that at the time he quit his work, he had Rs. 138,000 and was ecstatic about being able to live well on that amount. But after quitting his work, he began to remain home. Within 15 to 20 days he had spent half of his savings. At that point, he began to worry about what to do next.

Puneet Superstar claims that his father used to regularly remind him to look for work because he was at home when he first moved back in with his parents after quitting his job.

Puneet Superstar claims that despite uploading numerous videos on Tiktok, just one or two people have liked any of them. Despite this, he remained unaffected, and one day he created a video that caused him to instantly become famous.

He claimed in this video that he had “just woken up, will drink tea, take a bath, make Tiktok videos, listen to my parents’ abuse, and go to sleep after eating free food at night.” Anupam Kher, a well-known actor, created a video on the Puneet Superstar video that was so popular that others lip-synced it.

Puneet Superstar was overjoyed when this video went popular because it now has 232 million views. Puneet Superstar soon realized that these are the videos that people enjoy. He uploaded 24000 videos in a few of days as a result.

Making videos for Instagram and YouTube after Tiktok stop operating

Puneet Superstar claimed in an interview that TikTok had stopped operating in India when he first became well-known. He then started creating YouTube and Instagram shorts. He realized that for him to become well-known, people need to make laugh frequently. Because of this, he only posted videos that made people laugh a lot. He occasionally uploaded more than a hundred films per day to see which ones gets the most laughs.

Due to the popularity of Puneet Superstar, Puneet was also selected to compete in Bigg Boss OTT 2. The start of this season was June 17, 2023. Different contestants, including many superstars, competed in Bigg Boss OTT’s second season.

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