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Ever Thought Why Arabia Is Named As Arabia?

Arabia is one of the most geopolitically important and powerful regions on the planet today and technically this is also the largest peninsula on Earth of  3.2 million square kilometers. Despite its size, the population of Arabia is quite low containing only around 77 million people, less than the population of Turkey all while occupying a landmass the same size as India. This low population density can most likely be attributed to the harsh desert conditions found almost uniformly across the whole of Arabia.

Seven countries are contained within this region and five of them are consistently considered some of the richest countries on the planet nearly all of this wealth comes from the export of oil as Arabia contains the world’s largest proven oil reserves beneath their sands. Saudi Arabia is the leading oil exporting country in the world sending out over 8 million barrels of oil every day. This has given the countries in this region tremendous prominence on the world stage as many other countries around the globe depend on their exports to power their homes industries and maybe even their entire economies.

While oil might be the main focus today when talking about Arabia,  this land has been inhabited for thousands of years and is within the dunes. Oasis and Wadis lie a deep and rich history. It’s named Arabia and is a  great example of how far back history goes in this region. The name has two parts to it  Arab and eh this follows the common Latin tradition of placing eye at the end of a name to indicate that it’s the name of a place so Arabia means the land of Arabs.

Okay, so that’s one part figured out now we just have to figure out where Arab comes from linguistically speaking Arab. In this context refers to the Arab of people group which is the second largest ethnic group on the planet with a total of around four hundred and thirty million people belonging to it only falling behind the truly enormous Han Chinese ethnic group. Meanwhile, the language of the Arabs Arabic is the fifth most widely spoken language on earth, but people have spread far beyond the Middle East to northern Africa to Morocco down into East Africa and places like Ethiopia and even into  Western Asia as far as Pakistan and  India but it’s thought that they started as a nomadic tribe outside of Arabia in the deserts of Syria and eventually migrated south into what’s now the Arabian desert. Since these people have had such a long and wide-reaching history, understanding the origin of the term Arab is a bit tricky.

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