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“Work From Theatre” while watching ‘JAWAN’

Have you watched ‘Jawan’? Hey, do you know the budget of the movie? What do you think about the looks of Shahrukh Khan in Jawan? These are some questions which have flooded the nation and increased the hype of watching the movie, as a result thousands of people are booking tickets for Jawan and bringing back entertainment in their life. 

Among these all there, one incident took place which not only attracted the attention of many people like you and me, but also raised many thoughts.

It happened in Bangalore where a person took out his laptop in the theatre and started working on it while watching the movie ‘Jawan‘. This moment was captured by a woman named neelangana Noopur and she posted it on Twitter. 

Movies are made for enjoyment, fun, to relax and to take a break from the hectic schedule and spend some time enjoying but many times it is difficult to make a work life balance.

Due to more workload or poor time management we need to work even when we need to relax.

With this incident on Twitter there have been many thoughts floating all across the internet. Some viewers showed anger towards a person with a laptop and highlighted that working on a laptop in theatre may be disturbing for other viewers in the hall. 

Others said misuse of work from home and Some even showed empathy  towards the person with a laptop that he needs to work in the theatre, even when people are enjoying that person is working.

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