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Woman Swallow AirPods Instead Of Vitamin Tablets

“Technology is the new  Vibe”

We all are surrounded by a lot of Technology, gadgets and many of these for sure have made our life easy. As day by day new technology is evolving there are evolving a lot of new incidents with them some good some bad.

One such incident captured the attention of viewers, where a 52 year old woman Tana Barker shared her incident on social media that accidently she swallowed an airpod . 

She told about this incidence one day while she was talking to her friend she by mistake swallowed her husbands Airpods assuming that it was her vitamin tablet, she also stated that she realize her mistakes second late when she saw that she was caring her tablets in other hand and have swallowed airpod with water. Later she describes that she panicked after this incident and started contacting her friends and even consulted a different doctor, doctors simply suggested that she should wait and let the natural process work for airpods to come out of the body and as she decides to follow the doctors advice and wait.

In the following days she posted one more video referring to the previous one and told everyone that airpod she swallowed were out through natural processes and there was no harm to her internal system.

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