A Guy Recreates The ‘beqarar karke hume yun na jaiye’ Scene From Jawan.

The vibe and hype of Shah Rukh khan film ‘Jawan’ has spread all over the nation.

Presently one of the most interesting topics to talk about is ‘Jawan’. There is no doubt in saying that Shah Rukh Khan films are like festivals which people enjoy and celebrate. 

Everything in a Jawan movie, may it be action, drama, romance , dialogues , dance steps all are loved and followed by fans. And even many try to recreate the scenes and even try to catch the hook steps. Similarly one Instagram user Anmol K posted a video of him dancing in Metro on the same song and same step as Shahrukh Khan did in his movie Jawan on the song Bekarar Karke Hume Yun Na Jaiye this post of his was viewed by lot of people and has even crossed 2 million views. Such recreations even add up to the movie’s promotions and even the person’s personal promotion. 

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