Some Tips For CAT: Last Two Months Left

CAT( Common Admission Test) is one of the most popular MBA entrance exams. This is the biggest MBA entrance exam. Any student planning to get an MBA should try to clear the CAT for having the top-B school. 

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) conducts CAT annually. This exam mainly includes three section’s:

  1. Quantitative Ability(QA)
  2. Verbal Ability And Reading Comprehension(VARC)
  3. Data Interpretation And Logical Reasoning(DILR)

As per the pattern, CAT exams are mainly held on the last Sunday of November. Therefore CAT 2023 will be held on 26th November. For CAT 2023 IIM Lucknow is conducting this exam. 

Some Tips For Preparation

  1. VARC: This section is one of the scoring parts. But one needs to enhance there reading comprehension skills. Reading newspapers, articles, books, novels etc. may help which not only give you an ability to solve comprehension part in CAT but also help in solving sections of jumbled words, odd ones etc. (for articles one may refer to
  2. Learn Tricks: In test’s like CAT one not only needs to solve questions correctly but also need to do it faster. Especially in the QA and DILR sections. Therefore look for some tricks, short-cut’s to solve questions quickly. This would ultimately save time for other questions.
  3. Mock Test: Mock tests play a very important role in preparation for CAT. Once the basic concepts are clear, one should try to go with as many mock tests as possible. Appearing for the mock test gives us a CAT feel. Helps us in understanding the pressure. After giving a mock test, one should analyze their performance , check their time for solving each question, check the weak areas and work on them.
  4. Create A Time Table: In the last few days for CAT, students get stressed and start getting off track. But these last days are the peak time. In this, students need to focus on repetitive questions and work on their weak areas. Therefore to be on the right track one needs to form a timetable and stick to it.

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