Discovering Strong Bass: An In-depth Exploration of the Electro-Voice ELX200-12SP

A strong, immersive, and accurate low-frequency speaker, the Electro-Voice ELX200-12SP subwoofer exemplifies the company’s dedication to excellence and innovation in the audio business.

Performance Excellence:

A subwoofer made for contemporary music genres, live performances, and events is the ELX200-12SP. Thanks to its clever design and cutting-edge technology, it has a 12-inch woofer driven by a 1200-watt Class-D amplifier, producing a powerful bass reproduction and a solid, tight low-end response.

Carry-Along Powerhouse:

Ideal for artists, DJs, and audio professionals, the ELX200-12SP is a lightweight, small subwoofer with exceptional performance characteristics. Because of its sturdy cabinet design, which guarantees longevity, it may be used for a wide range of live sound applications, from intimate settings to expensive concert stages.

Sensible Elements:

With QuickSmartDSP technology, customers can tailor the sound of the ELX200-12SP subwoofer to their preferences or the acoustics of the location. Audio engineers and performers may easily improve the subwoofer’s performance thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Adaptable Communication:

The ELX200-12SP is a flexible audio system that can be used with a variety of sound systems and configurations thanks to its many connectivity choices, which include stereo RCA input and output, XLR/TRS combo inputs, and stereo RCA output.

Durable Dependability:

The sturdy wood cabinet of Electro-Voice’s professional subwoofer, the ELX200-12SP, is designed to withstand rough road conditions while maintaining constant performance and safeguarding internal components, making it a dependable worker in live sound reinforcement.

Flexibility in Utilisation:

As a flexible subwoofer suitable for live bands, DJ sets, and electronic music situations, the ELX200-12SP is a vital tool for audio professionals who want to adjust to a variety of locations and musical styles.

Increased Performance Potential:

With its amazing frequency response range of up to 32Hz, the ELX200-12SP subwoofer can faithfully reproduce bass-heavy music genres like kick drums in rock concerts and electronic dance music. 

Flexible Subwoofer Control:

The adaptive subwoofer management technology of the ELX200-12SP ensures constant and optimal performance in a range of acoustic conditions, making setup easier and increasing versatility in diverse settings. It does this by altering input sensitivity, crossover frequency, and limiting.

Easy-to-use Function:

With its simple interface that makes navigating and setting adjustments simple, the ELX200-12SP subwoofer is an easy-to-use device. With its easy-to-read LCD screen that allows for rapid adjustments, this audio engineer tool is suited for both novice and seasoned audio engineers and doesn’t require a high learning curve.

Community Acceptance:

Professionals in the audio industry have given the Electro-Voice ELX200-12SP favourable comments, emphasising its impact on live performances, performance consistency, and dependability. Its reputation as a reliable and esteemed resource for sound reinforcement is cemented by this endorsement.


The state-of-the-art, easy-to-use Electro-Voice ELX200-12SP subwoofer blends cutting-edge technology, intelligent design, and user happiness. It provides smooth integration with the ELX200 series, low-frequency output, adaptive subwoofer control, and user-friendly operation. 

The ELX200-12SP is a reliable and innovative solution that meets the growing demand for high-quality sound reinforcement. It may improve DJ sets, live performances, and studio albums, demonstrating Electro-Voice’s dedication to giving audio professionals the resources they need to influence the audio industry.

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