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How To Schedule A Post On LinkedIn: An Easy Guide

LinkedIn is one of the most fast growing platforms in the present time. With the ever-growing audience on the platform, there are ever-growing doubts about the different features of these platforms. One of them is to schedule a post. Scheduling is a feature that LinkedIn offers to their users through which they can keep a consistent posting pattern. There are millions of people using LinkedIn and everyone wants to stay up and want more and more people to know them and their brand. Here comes the role of scheduling options which keeps your content on time and in front of your user’s eyes.

How To Schedule A Post ON LinkedIn

Let’s see detailed steps for how to schedule a post for the future. 

Step 1: Sign in to your LinkedIn account. 

Get on to the LinkedIn platform and sign in to your account. Once you sign in you will see some options (home, MyNetwork, Post, Notification, Jobs) at the bottom of your mobile screen (as shown in the image below).

Step2: Click On The ‘Post’ Options

Once you are signed in click on the post options. As soon as you click there you will see a new screen opening (as shown in the image below). Here you can prepare your post whatever you need to share, may it be any content, image, video, job opening, launching new product etc. Use Relevant hashtags (with proper spellings), you can attach any link if you wish to.

Step3: Click On the clock icon

Once you have prepared your desired post, the next step is to click on the clock icon at the top corner (as shown in the image). As you click on the icon there are some options asking you for your preferred Date and Time to post. After choosing the desired options click on the next option.

Step 4: Once You click on next. You get one other option: “Schedule” Click on the option (as shown in image below).

Horrayy!! You are done with scheduling your post. Following these steps, you can schedule more than one post.

You even have the option to review it and see your schedule post. But How?

Again click on the post option on your screen, and you can again see the clock icon. Click on the clock icon, you get an option to view all (as seen in the image) click on “view all” you can see your scheduled posts and even delete them.

Why Schedule A Post On LinkedIn?

In the ever-growing audience on the Linkedin platform, there are a lot of people posting stuff. Getting ahead of the rest not only requires good quality content but also remaining consistent in timely posting is very important. There are a lot of advantages to having a post schedule for the future.

1. More Engagement Rate: Timely and continued posting on useful content would ultimately help you grow in having more engagement on your post. As more people are liking your information, they eagerly wait for the next post. And a consistent posting would fulfil their desires.

2. It Saves Time: Scheduling your post for the future will ultimately help you save a lot of time. It eliminates the time required to post your new content again and again, you can easily schedule them at once. Therefore, you can spend more hours on content creation, analysing your work and engagement.

3. Keeping You Ahead: Once you have a good number of posts scheduled in line, it helps fight the battle of posting with your competitors. 

Being Consistent has a lot of advantages, and these are only possible when you are ready for the future.

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